Roulée notation plan?

Hello from California!

First of all, let me thank you again, Daniel, and each and every member of the development team for changing my life for the better by bringing Dorico into creation and your continued efforts to improve it. Your team reminds me of “the boy” in Paulo Coelho’s novel THE ALCHEMIST, who overcoming resistance, searches for treasure and finds it, benefiting everyone who surrounds him. Again, I thank you for your efforts.

In my own “treasure hunt” for being a better notator of my music, I’ve come across the “roulée” notation for rolls in percussion notation, a modern, French adaptation of the trill sign. According to Samuel Solomon’s HOW TO WRITE FOR PERCUSSION (p.35) it’s better than the three strokes on the stem because it avoids confusion with the 32nd note measured tremolo.

I couldn’t find it in version 2.2.1. If it’s there, would you tell me how to implement it? If not, do you have plans to implement it?



I don’t know anything about roulée notation (although I’m French) but I suggest you update to 2.2.20, as some nasty bugs have been dealt with :wink:

Could you create a playing technique - rl ? Does this notation use a squiggly extension like a trill?

We do have the Solomon book in the office, so I’ve made a note to myself to look for this notation in there when I’m back in the office on Monday. It may be that this is a symbol we can add to SMuFL and hence to Bravura in due course.

Thanks Marc. I work for a university and sometimes updating takes a while to get through the bureaucracy. Anyway, I’ve requested the update. Thanks.
Bruce, yes, the notation does indeed have a squiggly line like a trill.

Thanks Daniel. Having seen videos of your office, I thought it most likely that this book was on somebody’s desk. I found this notation symbol out of necessity today… it does seem to solve a lot of problems. Indeed, from a playback perspective, it may be a solution that helps…

I found the Solomon book on my desk but haven’t been able to find the roulée symbol – can you tell me again which page it’s on? (It certainly doesn’t seem to be page 35, unless I’m being spectacularly stupid, which wouldn’t be the first time.)