Round bracket glyphs for accidentals

Is there some way to change the glyphs used for the round brackets that surround accidentals? I’d hoped I could do this in Engrave/Music Symbols but I don’t see them listed. I find the Bravura symbols a little too thick and semi-circular, and consequently take up too much horizontal space; in addition, I’d prefer them to extend vertically to the full height of the accidentals. I’d like to substitute them with Bembo’s parentheses which are slenderer. It looks like this may be possible by creating new accidentals from the Tonality System etc. panel, but being able to do it the ‘proper’ way from the properties panel would obviously be beneficial.

Though I don’t need them at the moment, I’m not overly keen on the square brackets either, as the horizontal ends are too close to the stave lines, so it would be good to be able to change these as well.

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Unfortunately there’s no good way to do this at the moment because all of the accidental glyphs are excluded from the Music Symbols dialog on the grounds that you can indeed edit them via the Edit Tonality Systems dialog, but of course the brackets are not included there.

Understood, thanks Daniel.