Round robin triggers?

I’m new to Halion and I’m wanting to create a sampled instrument from my bass guitar that includes not only multiple velocities per note, but also multiple samples of the same velocity per note. I know how to do this in Kontakt, but is “round robin” triggering possible in Halion 7? For example, if I play the same note at the same velocity over and over, Halion will randomly rotate through the specified samples so that I can get some of the natural dynamic/timbral changes that occur instead of the machine gun effect? And if possible, how can I configure this alongside multi-velocities and keyswitches for each string?

yes, you can. There is a midi module called alternate layer which you can use to trigger the rr’s.

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Question about this setup when using Layer Alternate. If I have 5 sample variations of each note (taken from an analog synth), should I group these samples into their own layer by note, or should I group them by range so that I have 5 layers of C1-C6 for example? I guess I’m still not entirely sure of how the Halion program tree works yet.

UPDATE: I grouped all my samples into 5 layers based on variation. So in my case each layer was C1-C6 and the 5 layers represented the 5 takes of those same notes and Layer Alternate midi module above these layers works perfectly!