Route Audio track output to FX or other audio track input?

Hi, I wanted to ask for information. It is somehow possible to send the output of an audio track or an fx track to another audio track. I ask because, since I usually use Pro tools, it allows me to do this using a mono bus or stereo bus? I tried in various ways but failed.


Try this:

  • Right click on your source audio track
  • Add Track → Group Channel to selected track…

On your destination audio track

  • Set the input in the inspector to the group channel output

You might like to know that Steinberg offers a Livestream twice a week, running 4h each, that allows you to ask any questions and learn from the questions of others:
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For some scenarios it makes sense to think of a Nuendo “Group track” as the Pro Tools “Bus” + “Aux” smashed together.

I asked this question because usually when I apply vsts, the output of the audio track is recorded with the vsts applied above and I can’t record with the group channel. As for the live streams, thank you for the advice. I will have a little difficulty following since I am denied in speaking English

I think I understood your first question but I’m sorry, I don’t know what you ask for here.
Could you please try to express the question again

Thank you!

Gerry, you wouldn’t record with the group channel, you would use the group channel the way you use a “bus” in Pro Tools.

Audio track 1 (source) output to group 1.
Audio track 2 (record) input from group 1.

In Pro Tools it would have been the same except “group 1” would have been “bus 1” and you wouldn’t have seen it.

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la domanda è la seguente:
c’è un modo su Nuendo 12 per mettere in input di una traccia audio, l’output di un’altra traccia audio?
ho metto un’immagine da pro tools per far capire meglio cosa intendo

the question is as follows:
is there a way on nuendo 12 to put in the input of an audio track, the output of another audio track?
i put an image from pro tools to make it clearer what i mean

I already answered your question.


Create a group track and set the output of your source audio track to that group.
Create a second audio track and set the input to it to that group.

Like I said, in Nuendo it’s as if you’re looking at a Pro Tools bus combined with an AUX, more or less.

OK I understand, but why is a new track created on the console mixer?

The word “bus” in Nuendo means doesn’t really mean the same thing. In Pro Tools a “bus” is something that sums signals and is hidden, and it’s not the same in Nuendo. Nuendo just doesn’t have anything like a PT bus at all. It just doesn’t exist.

So you have to use a different tool to achieve the same thing. You can use a group track, or you can use an output bus. But both group tracks and output buses are visible in the mixer.

The “new track” you’re talking about = PT bus + PT Aux. In PT the Aux is visible and you would connect signals to it using a bus. In Nuendo a group track is visible and you connect signals to it. The PT Aux and Nuendo Group both have faders, inserts etc.

If this bothers you then one thing you can start doing is customizing your mixer views. You have four mixers, which is basically mixer views, and each can be different. You can also tie key commands to visibility. So you can definitely set up a mixer that excludes all groups and outputs for example. The mixer views also give you the ability to move selected items into a left, center and right zone to further separate things. And finally it’s good sense to color code the types of items you see in your mixer by function. In my case all groups have blue fader caps and audio tracks slightly green. Output buses are red and FX returns purple… and so on.

By the way - can you give us an example of what you’re trying to do in terms of workflow? Is this for post or music or?

I am doing post production for a short film and wanted to output all the audio tracks with their automations and vst into a single stereo track that I would then record in real time. I know it might be silly as a thing, but I feel safer hearing the audio and seeing the waveform being created, rather than bouncing it

Which menu should I go to in order to customise the mixer view?

Ok, so the full stereo mix basically? What some of us do is I set up a bunch of output buses for exports.

  • The output buses have no destination set
  • Monitoring is done using Control Room
  • There’s an output bus for every type of export you would need
  • All audio tracks go into groups (“food groups”), grouped together according to what belongs together (dialog, fx, music etc.)
  • All group tracks go into the correct combinations of output buses

You can then either export everything at once offline, or you can create audio tracks to record in real time. The process for recording to an audio track is exactly the same as if you were using a group track, just with an output instead.

It’s a bit neater and clearer to separate things this way… some of us think…

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thank you very much for the information you have given me