Route Midi Drum Track to Groove Agent

Hi I have a midi drum track in Cubase 11. I want to route this to a Groove Agent 5 kit. Here is what I know. I know:

  • I can create an instrument track (GA5)
  • Within GA5 I can open a kit and select a pattern on a pad - call it Main Pad
  • I can drag and drop the midi file from Cubase onto that Main Pad within GA5
  • I can route output of drum midi track in Cubase to Pattern X
  • Within GA5, I can now actually hear the midi track routed to the kit when I click on the Maid Pad within GA5.
  • I can then drag that Main Pad from GR5 into Cubase into its own separate track

From here I am lost as I cannot seem to figure out how to hear that new track that I created via the drag and drop of the Main Pad within GR5 to Cubase. Do I need to complete the routing for outputs for that new track? I can see the new track with the data in it. But when I hit play in Cubase there is not sound.


I’m hoping that the screenshot explains it. Ensure you match the right midi channels for PATTERN play vs KIT play.

I don’t use Groove Agent so I am not sure if I am 100% on point here but judging from the 1st part you write I would do the following:

Press F11
Press “Rack” and open Groove Agent 5 as a rack instrument (not instrument)

then go to the midi track output and pick that Groove Agent 5 rack track

this will allow you to playback as many midi tracks as you want on 1 instance of Groove agent.

so basically Rack track over instrument track