Route MPC Beats to Cubase

I was trying to route MPC Beats to Cubase. Problem is, I can only open one MPC Beats VST instance in Cubase.

So far I managed to get audio tracks in Cubase. But I’d like to get midi tracks. I watched a couple of videos, but things didn’t worked out as expected.
EDIT: I made the midi approach under this approach, finally made it.

So far as I understood for the audio approach:

  1. Open MPC Beats as a VST Instrument in Cubase
    1.1 Activate necessary Outputs (3,4-5,6 etc.)

  2. Open or create a programm/templete in MPC Beats

    So far I can hear the sounds when I hit my MPD32.

  3. I assigned a pad to the output 3,4 and another to 5,6

In Cubase

  1. I create group tracks for every output necessary
  2. I create audio tracks for every output necessary
  3. Send the outputs to the group tracks
  4. Route the group tracks to the audio tracks entry

I need to activate recording on the audio tracks and select the VST and here we go.

The VST and audio tracks do not match. But since I don’t need the VST track it doesn’t matter…

I don’t know if that is best approach but it works somehow. Maybe someone has a better way or even better, could share a midi solution.

Kind regards

some links I used to get into it

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3 (the guideline I used for the audio approach)

Video 4 (the guideline I used for the midi approach)

Hi again,

finally I have my midi approach finished and it works somehow.

  1. Open MPC Beats as a VST Instrument in Cubase
    1.1. Activate necessary Outputs (3,4-5,6 etc.)

  2. Add tracks in your MPC Beats (I didn’t try to explode the drums…maybe next time)

  3. Assign those tracks to the outputs (3,4-5,6 etc.) and input channels (1,2 etc) and set the monitor to “in” instead of “auto”.

In Cubase

  1. Add some midi tracks
  2. assign them to the outputs (3,4-5,6 etc)
    3 assign them to the midi channels

Things worked out well this time.

Maybe some one has a better approach and like to share it.

Kind regards

Nope, you got it right. That’s the way to do it in Cubase.

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MPC Beats to Cubase.pdf (595,0 KB)

And for those who like to insert the WAV Samples from the Akai Expansion Packs directly into Groove Agent…here the default installation path