Route Plugins to FX Channel?

I cannot figure out how to do it in Dorico 4.

I.E. Load HALion 6 instance, set up the instruments over multiple outputs, etc.

I click the FX dot in the Mixer, it lights up. I get the band to set the AUX Send level but it never makes it to the FX Reverb channel. Back in Dorico 3.5 there was a drop down to connect it to the FX bus, but I can’t figure out where that went, or the new way to set this up.

Stuff Dorico auto-loads makes it, but I can’t get my manually loaded instruments to do the Aux Send thing.

I can’t force Dorico to show a certain number of Busses for a plugin either.

I.E. Five instruments connected to H6. Click settings cog for plugin. Tick the box near the bottom and set it to show 7 outputs (two extra to mix Reverbs and Chorus).

Since the Mixer Aux Send isn’t working, I was going to do effects internally in H6 and have a couple of extra buses showing on the mixer just for the reverb/chorus mix. Only way I can get at the extra busses is to click the “Unused” button, and then I see all thirty something outputs.

Please see this earlier thread concerning the disconnection of the FX send after you load a new plug-in into an existing slot:

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