Route the Click to another output rather than the Stereo Out

Is it possible to route the Click to another output rather than the Stereo Out?
Can’t find it…


Output tab of vst connections

I’ve created an extra output,
However the click has no channel,
So how can I route it anywhere else than default stereo output?

The click is assignable to any or to any combination of bus’ setup in the output tab. Obviously. :confused:

Click in the click column to remove or add for each bus.

Here, I’ll reply for him: “Thank you, Grim!”.

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Oh that’s great :slight_smile: Many thanks Grim! Obviously…

Sarcasm is frankly unnecessary and vicious.
There was reason I used the word which makes you so great sarcasm, that you could not keep it to yourself.
The delay BTW in giving thanks, was also in reading the answer, which I saw the first time just now, since we were on holidays…
But thank you as well Alexis for enlightening me with your wisdom. Obviously :slight_smile:


Here are a couple of things that I do to set up a parallel output to a mono bus. I use this for reinforcing the sound of a single track when monitoring during recording by sending the track to a powered PA speaker at the other end of the room. It’s especially helpful for laying down drum tracks with an electronic kit.

The steps I used are as follows (as indicated by Grim and yourself)

  1. Name the Mono Bus in [Devices/Device Setup]
  2. Add a Mono Bus at [Devices/VST Connections/Output]
    Once this is done I believe the Bus is available to all projects
  3. Insert the Mono Bus in the [Track Inspector/Direct Routing] of the track below the main Stereo Bus

A couple of things to note

  • If the Stereo Bus is highlighted then no sound will be directed to the Mono Bus
  • Of course the output to the Mono Bus will not contain any sends, eg a reverb bus unless this is sent to the Mono Bus but it will also contain the other sounds that are sent to it.
  • I couldn’t find a way to send the info in the main Stereo Bus, maybe Grim has a suggestion.