Route Track output to Stack inputs

Hi there,
I have the following problem:

  • 32 tracks live recording including 4 dry vocal tracks
  • in the live situation, these 4 vocal sources will go through stacks to the front
  • I now want to prepare and optimize the stacks for the next gig based on the recordings I have

A workaround would be to add the same inserts to the recorded vocal tracks, optimize them there, save a user preset per insert and then use the same user presets in the stacks.
Unfortunately I have to do this for 56 songs with 4 vocal tracks and 4 inserts each, so dealing with 896 total user presets without doing major mistakes → not applicable.

If I could just connect the output of the 4 vocal tracks to the input of the 4 stacks, the problem would be solved:
Is this easily doable on your side? Unfortunately, the gig I need to do this for is alread in 3 weeks :frowning:

Hi @DaOptika ,

Can the “Global stacks” be the solution for the 4 vocals?

Or create more Mixer-GRP, put insert fx’s there, and send signal from vocal channel there (via SEND sliders)?

I need different effects, settings and volumes for each song (that’s one of the main reasons why we use VST live: we don’t have a FOH).
Can I get the same functionality over just the mixer without using stacks at all? (Then the Stacks seem kind of obsolete?!)

U don’t necessarily need stacks, u can use inserts, sends in the mixer, as in a daw.

As soon as ch re-order saving issue is fixed, u will be able to do some sort of automation also :slight_smile:

Sounds good!
One possible issue with that: I can use stacks per part and the mixers are the same for the whole song, or?

Where do I find details about this re-sorting issue, should I wait for the fix before I start? What is the automation feature you mentioned, is it like the W/R automation recording of cubase?

Automation is now a bit complicated, dream would be as we used to write automation normally. But at least there are a few options: find it in “actions and shortcuts” then vMidi between action and “controller MIDI track”
Also I believe features for automation will developed a lot in future updates :slight_smile:

Channel reorder is needed for keep they position in mixer within the project file otherwise action meight fire different tracks as their order is changing from song by song. Therefore ch reorder can be now modifyed, the only issue is that reorder sets back because some reason after close/open project.

That is planned for later, as well as copy/paste/duplicate/save/load channels, but will take a while.
Stacks are submixers which give an optimized way of managing audio input on a per-Part basis. An audio track does that as well; each audio track has a channel. You see track channels in the mixer when you extend the Song Bus (channel with the name of the Song). These channels can be provided with insert fx, and sends, just like with Stacks. As ooposed to Stacks, which are Part related, these belong to the Song.
Output and Group channels are global. Each Stack also has its own channel in the mixer, so you can apply changes per Part as well as send to Groups which are global throughout the entire project, as fkalmus already pointed out.
Hope that helps.

Thanks a lot for the quick help!
I will try and hope the workarounds work out :slightly_smiling_face:

Really looking forward to some major usability updates of VST live. The software has some very unique and great functionality with things no other competitor is offering, but currently working with it is sometimes pretty frustrating with basic things as copy/paste missing almost everywhere, zoom in tracks always causing a jump to the beginning instead of the cursor where I currently work on,…
It sometimes feels as Cubase, but with 90% of the functionalities remove that allow a quick and efficient workflow :sweat_smile:

Is there already some ticket where I could check if those flaws are already on your list? Quite sure that if I would down everything that makes working with VST live hard it would be a huge list with 95% already included in your ToDo’s…

Sorry, but that’s not fair. You can copy, paste, duplicate and even save and load almost everything, Songs, Parts, Layers, Stacks, Track Events etc. Only channels are missing yet.

Could you please elaborate on this, zooming what? Track zooming certainly does not change transport (cursor) position.

Yes, but it is not. It used to be just a backing track player, now it is so much more, but it was never meant to replace Cubase. You can eport from Cubase and import into VST Live, so use Cubase to create more complex backing tracks.

You can post here anytime, we’re always here to help. Feel free to report issues, we’ll let you know if those are on our list already. Thanks for helping!

Sorry, I didn’t want to nag about it, I really like the software a lot overall! I think we also have a very special use case with trying to automate our whole show (incl. light) without having FOH.

For me, there are a lot of places where copy/paste is still missing, I will open up a ticket collecting all positions I noticed. It’s mainly related to automation things like sending midi controls, lyrics,…

I will also collect everything else that makes the workflow time consuming for me and put it into the ticket.

For the zoom in the track view, it does not reset the cursor, but resets the view by jumping to bar 1.
Cubase centers the view around the cursor when zooming. If I want to shift some track at bar 95 with better accuracy, I have no way of staying in bar 95: as soon as I touch the zoom control, I end up at bar 1 again and have to go back to 95 with full zoom having a hard time to find the location again even though the cursor is still at 95.

Just trying to figure out how to do this: In the mixer, I just have one song bus (in petrol). How can I extend this to control the single tracks?
The petrol song bus is the only one that is song individual (except from the light blue Stack buses that I cannot route the signal to from the track).

Press the “e” button on the channel view in the mixer.

…there I can just add inserts to the whole song, not to individual tracks of the song.
Live I want to use 4 Stacks (one per vocal input) per Song, and to develop the live show I need to apply the same inserts per song to the 4 recorded tracks of the inputs.

Right to inserts and sends you find track channels.

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Thanks, I expected a different look and my outputs have the same name as my tracks, so I didn’t notice the tracks expanding right from the inserts :smiley:

Okay, now the only thing that’s missing to make this workaround work:
If I drag and drop an insert to another bus, I have the option to hold Ctrl and I get a “+” as mouse cursor, but it only moves the insert no matter if the mouse cursor shows an arrow or a plus, so copying inserts does not work.
Even worse: If I drag an insert from the tracks bus to a Stack, it moves it there but I can’t get it out of there anymore :slight_smile:

I wanted to post the same in a new topic, recorded screen

Alt+drag not doing the copy in track view and mixer view

We’re on it!

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