Route track to BOTH a stereo output AND a group?

I’m trying to implement the Billy Decker method in Cubasis.

I’ve got some plugins on the instrument tracks, and others (such as a doubler or compressor, when I’m trying to achieve parallel compression) on the group.

The point I’m stuck on is getting the “clean” signal from a track to the stereo output as well as the processed signal from the group. The idea is that by using the track fader for the group in question, I can dial in the exact amount of effect I want, without drilling down to the plugins (in some cases multiple plugins) and playing with settings.

Decker’s template mixing saves huge amounts of time by building a standardized signal path, that you vary right from the mixer, rather than playing with plugin settings. He sets compression, limiting and other plugins at the track level and at the buss level, enabling a much faster mix because you’ve already got most of the work done when you load the template.

I can achieve what I want either by routing a track to 2 groups (one will have no plugins and will simply act like a summing buss) OR by routing the track to BOTH a stereo out AND to the group with the plugins.

Any way to do that? Or is this a feature request? Or perhaps I should just join the chorus asking for true buss functionality in our beloved Cubasis?


I’m a totally newbie to mixing, and I’m trying to learn.

Is the answer with the current Cubasis functionality to add a plugin like a delay used for double tracking as a send effect on the group, then using the slider for that effect?

Does that have the same effect as what I said above about using a bus’s track fader to mix processed signal in with the raw signal?

Hi @dovjgoldman,

Thank you for your messages.

Please find the available insert and send effect concepts further explained in the “Effects” chapter of the Cubasis in-app help: Effects

Hope that helps.


Thank you Lars. The current functionality (including changing the position of a plug-in) is now clear to me.

Can you answer regarding the availability of busses in Cubasis in the future?