Route VST buss to multiple groups and/or audio outputs


I am using Cubase with Scope environment and while I like having a “hardware” mixer I am lacking the ease of rendering audio.

Is there a way in Cubase to send audio to a group as well as an output buss simultaneously?

I found this:

but I’m not sure if it is what I need.

Thanks for any help offered.

In your scope environment, make sure you have plenty of Asio source & destinations (right click on them to allow more than the standard default pair). Route your sources & destinations through a scope mixer.
set up the equivalent number of inputs & outputs in Cubase.
As an example, I used to use my Scope mixer to receive the Cubase groups, naming the “ports” as the group names.
So you can then send your audio or midi tracks to your group, output the groups to Scope mixer & Scope effects (or whatever suits) and route back into Cubase on additional inputs (if you wish).
I’ll have a look to see if I’ve got an old project to upload a screenshot, but sadly my Pulsar card isn’t in use so I’m doing this from memory.
I did notice a similar article on PlanetZ dot com yesterday - why not have a look around there while I dig around for you.
Simple answer - Yes, you can. Route any VST or audio track or Scope synth in Cubase through groups and out through individual outputs to & from Scope. Works brilliantly.

Try these 2 links from Planet Z


Thanks for the replies.

I worked out a simpler solution, which is to create FX busses and use Sends from the VST and instrument channels at 0.00 by creating these “fake” outputs, which I think was referred to in the KB article.

While not as elegant a solution as I’d like, it does work but means I have one heck of a complex project all for the sake of having “hardware” channels but due to the MixConsole being such a dogs’ breakfast at best and unusable at worst (hint click F3 twice) I’m glad I went down this path.

I have UAD and don’t have any recording requirements other than MIDI, so this situation works very well but of course if I want to use synthesizers, then I will have to route back into Cubase at some stage however when I tested it I got phase cancellation problems and I’m wondering if that’s because there was no panning in Scope Environment but have not tested since.

Thanks again for the replies.