routing a signal through an effects pedal...

Hi! i was thinking about using my favourite guitar effects pedal on a midi track in Cubase.

i figured i’d just need to create new busses in the VST Connections window and attach the pedal to my hardware interface. but i’ve had a look through the manual and i have 2 questions:

  1. the manual seems to say it would have to be stereo in and out but the pedal is mono. can’t i do it through a mono bus?

  2. the manual says the pedal would now appear as an effect the same way a software plugin would, but i’m not sure i want that. doesn’t that mean the pedal would always need to be connected? can’t i just play my previously recorded midi track out through the pedal, and back into a new audio track in Cubase? then i can tidy away the pedal!

sorry if that’s a stupid question but i’m still learning!

thanks! :smiley:

Hi and welcome,

First of all, you cannot apply an Audio effect (plug-in or External) to the MIDI Track. It has to be applied to Audio/FX/Group/Input/Output/Return Channel (Instrument track). So, where are the MIDI data routed?

To your questions:

  1. You can use any Configuration of Channels from mono to surround.
  2. It has to be connected only, when you are going to apply the effect. So once you Record the result with the effect, it’s not necessary to keep it connected.