routing a vst to audio track

hi,i am following a computer music mag tutorial.
in it they record 8 bars of a loop from loomers cumulus as audio.
how do I do this in Cubase?
they are using ableton.

Hi in Cubase (not Elements as far as I know) to accomplish that via ROUTING, you have to direct the vst-audio into an Output bus (one that is not connected to any physical port) or Group bus. You then create an Audio track and use the Group or Output bus as Input to that track.

This sounds a Little bit convoluted (and yes, it is). This is due to the fact that vst-audio-channels do not have a record capability (in that respect they are actually more like input-busses in cubase).

We could discuss whether this is a Kind of design inconsistency, but finally: Who cares. It works.

In my described solution simply set the left and right locators to the bars you want to record and do so :slight_smile:

Cheers, Ernst

PS.: You can also do an Export of the vst-audio selectively. This requires no Special Routing, just Setting the locators and do the Export with immediate re-import into a new Audio track. All Information given in “Export vst-audio” menu.

hi thanks for reply,ok I have done that. the vst output is routed to stereo out 2,the audio tracks input routing is connected to stereo out 2. when I press play I cant hear the vst tho,and it dosent record any audio.

Hi funkman,

to record, you have to record arm your audio track and then hit record. Just by playing back you won’t be able to record anything.


the waveform is coming up,but when I play it back I hear nothing.
sorry,im sure this is simple stuff,just not happennin for me

its ok I got it sorted.thanks

Hi folks,is this solution still the best way for me to go?