Routing Adat to Phones in UR824?

With my MR816, I can route the Adat i/o to my phones in the control room, leaving my physical ins/outs for outboard gear. But I don’t see how to do this with the UR824. In the hardware panel, I only see an option for:

Mix 1 L/R
Mix 2 L/R
Mix 3 L/R
Mix 4 L/R

Which are Analog out 1&2, 3&4, 5&6, 7&8 respectively. Anyway to do this with the UR824?

Actually, you can send one of the Mixes to one or two headphone outputs. While in the Main view of the dspMixFx console, choose the Mix to see (top right corner), then click the PHONES icon you want the current Mix to be assigned.


Sorry I don’t understand Paolo. I’m doing this inside Cubase, not the DSPMixer. Is there any way I cam save my analog outs for my outboard gear instead of having to use it for phones in the control room?

There is no dedicated Phones mix in the UR824. You must send one of the four Mixes to the Phones. Therefore, if you have a Mix dedicated only to your control room headphones, you lose a pair of Analog Outs (that becomes only a monitor out with a mix dedicated to headphone listening).


something I miss from the MR816 :frowning:

Is headphone routing really different, between the MR816 and UR824? As far as I understand, on the MR you have eight stereo mixes in total, with only four when using analog outs. This should be equivalent to the four mixes available on the UR. The UR has the added flexibility of allowing replication of a mix on several outputs (useful for audio distribution).

I don’t know if this is possibile from a hardware point of view, but allowing for a few additional mixes would be helpful for monitoring. I hope Yamaha/Steinberg can do it in a forthcoming release.



I re-read your original question, and I guess there was some misundersting on how the Mixes work. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

You state that the Mixes “are Analog out 1&2, 3&4, 5&6, 7&8 respectively”. This is not correct, since the four Mixes are not hardwired to the Analog Outs, and can contain all the input signals from all analog and digital inputs. The four Mixes are like the Busses of a traditional console.

For example, if you have Mix 1 selected in the Main pane, you can adjust the volume/pan of your ADAT inputs, together with the volume of the analog inputs.

These inputs will be mixed in a flow that is called “Mix 1 L/R”. If you go in the Settings pane, you’ll be able to assign this flow to any of the Line Output pairs or the ADAT Out pairs.


Hi Paolo, Then maybe you can tell me exactly how to set up the UR824? I’ve attached a photo of my simple setup.

Monitor 1 (my speakers): Mix1 L & Mix1 R These are analog outputs 1 & 2.

Phones (headphones out): Mix2 L & Mix2 R These are analog outputs 3 & 4.

In the MR816, I used to makes these outputs Adat 1 & Adat 2. I could hear my headphones and still have my other ananlog ins/outs for my outboard gear. Can you tell me what settings I should change in routing to accomplish this same thing?

P.S. You can use the “snipping tool” in Windows 7 to cut out little pictures like I did.

I don’t see alternatives to what you did in the picture. As I said, I hope Steinberg will allow for some more Mixes in a future release.