Routing Audio through HalionFX's

Hey guys, a little question;
say I recorded a guitar part and I’d like to add some FX from Halion5, would this be possible?
Is there a “HALION 5 FXs” insert? Or is it perhaps possible to rout a Audio channel through Halion? (perhaps with a SideChain trick?)

:smiley: thanks for any info!

Unfortunately, this is not the case, though I too have desired such a thing. If you want to use the FX in HALion, you will have to load a slot with the part you want to effect and play it from there. It is really easy too. If you have a guitar part recorded, you can simply crop the part you want effected and drag and drop it to a slot in HALion to play back through the FX at the part in your project you are desiring, then leave it at that and have the recorded guitar part play as the normally recorded audio, just as it was.

This is exactly why Cubase needs a bounce in place function, so you can do the above and then dump it right back as an audio part in your track, without worrying about having it loaded in HALion to playback through there with each pass, or re-record it the long way.

hmmmm I was afraid for that answer!!.. I hate doing that, just for flexibility’s sake…
another solution would be to ask the SB dudes to release the effect modules as VST-insert-plugins, for those who buy HALion 5 :smiley:?

Ya, I hear ya. A lot of HALion’s effects are actually ported from Cubase plugins, just with a modified interface. There are a few gems, which are unique though, like the step flanger etc, that I would love to see in plugin form, to be used outside of the HALion inserts. This is to help others however, as I work 100% within HALion and never outside of it. It truly is my workhorse and I could never part with it, so I always reap the benefits of what HALion has to offer.

yes, a few effects which are still legacy (VST2/32bit etc) in cubase, are (quite sure) vst3 plugs by now in HALion5, ex. ringmod…
could be greatly appreciated in a Cubase 7.1 update :slight_smile: