Routing Audio to Preamplifier Input on Arturia ARP 2600 V3

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I’m trying to use the preamplifier input on Arturia’s ARP 2600 V3 plug-in and I cannot successfully route audio in Cubase 12. I’m using the side-chain menu on the ARP 2600 plug-in and I can select my audio track fine (a repeating drum loop), but the pre-amp light does not turn on and my audio track is not processed. Has anyone successfully routed audio to the ARP plug-in? As a side note, I was able to use Arturia’s Vocoder plug-in just fine with the side-chain menu.

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Just an update that my workaround has been to use Ableton Live 11 Lite that came with my Arturia Keylab MK II. In Ableton I was able to route external audio to not only Arturia’s ARP 2600, but also their version of the Moog Modular.

I have no idea what the issue is, but there just seems to be compatibility issue with Cubase and these plug-ins. Moreover, the Moog Modular plug-in doesn’t even have a side chain option in Cubase! Extremely disappointed I have to use another DAW to access this essential feature of the ARP 2600 and Moog Modular. With that said, maybe the issue is on Arturia’s end and I am in contact with their support team so I will post any updates as I get them.

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I’m trying to route audio from my converter into the Arturia ARP2600 V3 preamplifier input. I can select input 1 (where my microphone is going into my converter), but it absolutely makes no sound and the LED signal light next to the preamplifier knob never lights up. There is tons of signal, talking normally gives me unity level at the converter. Is this just that the VI simply does not have this feature?

Arturia support got back to me and confirmed that the side-chain input is not working in Cubase for their ARP 2600 plug-in. The issue has been flagged as one to investigate for future updates to the V Collection. Unfortunately, I don’t think that means we’ll get this resolved anytime soon. Since the Moog Modular plug-in is missing the side-chain option all together, I asked support to add that as a feature request.

I can confirm that both the ARP 2600 and Mood Modular Arturia plug-ins properly support the external side-chain input in Abelton Live. Though I should say I only tested routing audio tracks, not MIDI.

If anyone has a workaround for Cubase, please post it, but I think we’re hosed until Arutria updates their software.

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I can confirm that, at least using another DAW (Pro Tools), the preamplifier input DOES work as expected. So, as an AAX plug in format, the ARP2600 V3 does have the audio input ability. Inside Pro Tools, this shows up as a “bus” output in your output selection list in your audio track.

As a VST plug in however, it does not. Neither in Cubase nor Nuendo. So, Arturia needs to step it up in this format, along with their Stand Alone mode. I created a new support ticket with Arturia, and will post their reply when I get it. I am hopeful they are going to make this work for VST format users, and stand alone users, like me, who like to use VIs on another computer from time to time.

Thankfully, I am receiving a hardware (B) ARP 2600 tomorrow, so I will be able to do this stuff with that. :wink:

Awesome, thank you for doing that. The more noise we make about this issue, the better chance we’ll get a patch. Glad you got a hardware version coming, we have an original 2600 at school so I’ve been trying to apply my learnings to the plug-in. Was so bummed I couldn’t use the envelop follower as that is my favorite feature.