routing audio

Hi, using cubase le5 win 7 tascam us200.

How do i route the same audio to play through all outputs?

The card is 2 pairs of stereo outs but I can only get one pair working at a time. I need to route the same audio to monitor speakers and hardware mixer.

So outs 1 would be monitor
outs 2 hardware mixer

If your soundcard does not offer this possiblity via control software, you´ll have to use sends from the single Cubase mixer or group channels…

The soundcard setup panel shows the outs as 1+2 3+4 but no routing options other than reversing the sequence.

Added a group in Cubase but cannot send output to both pairs of stereo outs at the same time.

Just started with cubase (or any daw) and usb cards so finding things a little different.

bugger, a volume slider on the send!

Thanks for the heads up.