Routing confusion?

We use a Zoom L-8 mixer for our rehearsals. I created a project and created two outputs under Connections/Audio (Out1 for the backing track and Out4 for the metronome for the drummer), then I created two new out channels in the mixer and assigned the outputs from the mixer to them. So far so good.

In the track view, in track 1, I have imported an audio file that is to be output from the mixer on Out1 - in the track view, however, I cannot select the intended Out1 in the Channel Output area, but it is not displayed here?! I would have thought that I could already select Out1 here.

Channel Output

In the mixer view, I then routed the metronome to Out4 and routed this to the mixer output 4 that was specially created for this purpose.

However, the metronome can still be heard in Out1 on the backing track and NOT in output 4 of the mixer for which an output was created and the routing was made accordingly.

I think I just don’t understand the “concept” of routing here and would be very grateful if someone could give me a tip. The backing track and mentronome should only be played back in two different outputs in the mixer.

Myself using an L20 and a very similar setup, click on extra output and drummer can submix via iPad. Obviously no click on the mains…will check again over the weekend. It should work as you expected.
There was a glitch like that in former version, try the latest pre-release on

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We don’t have an iPad in our setup - unfortunately. I am on the latest pre-release already.

Hi @Detgyver ,

Just worth a try at least to get closer, why it isn’t working to you as expected:
Can you change order, like put METRO out to your Stereo OUT1+2 and put MUSIC to OUT4 (or out 3+4)?

My soundcard handles 4pcs outputs. I can route those 1-4 ch outs (for StereoOUT+Click+SMPTE) with the method you inserted above using 1.1.85 (incl. recent versions)

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Actually, all of your pictures look ok.

You can select “Stereo Out” which is routed to “Backing-Out1”. You cannot select an output Port (connections) in the tracks menu (it will not show “Zoom L8…” because that is a Port), only a Channel, but as the channel “Backing-Out1” is routed to “Zoom…Out1”, the signal should appear there.

Then route “Metro” to “OUT4” which has “Zoom…Out4” as destination.

  • backing track->channel “Stereo Out”->Port “Zoom…Out1”
  • click track (if any) ->Channel “OUT4” → “Zoom…Out4”
  • or: Metronome Channel->Channel “OUT4”->“Zoom…Out4”.

“Stereo Out” and “OUT4” are output channels, these are the only possible destination for a Port like “Zoom…OUTx” which you created in “Connections”. You cannot route tracks to Output Ports directly, only to Group or Out Channels.

That looks correct. Can you try to rout a Track to OUT4 instead, does it also appear on the OUT1 port, or is it only with the Metro Channel?

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Thank you both for your quick help. I got it done with both versions. For some songs I use a separate audio track that I route to Out4 because the songs contain tempo changes, it works really well that way.
I also got the metronome routed to Out4 following Musicullum description. This works great now. You saved my weekend with that. Thank you!