Routing delay / latency


Is there a delay / latency in Cubase from the routing?

If I have, let’s say, 2 pad tracks going into a group channel for pads, and then that group channel going into an ‘all synths’ group channel… but then I have another synth (lead) going straight into the ‘all synths’ group channel, are all the data signals going to reach the ‘all synths’ group channel at the same time?



Yes, there is a Delay Compensation mechanism in Cubase.

… I know there’s latency on plug-ins, but is there any on routing itself (assume no plug-ins used) ?

I uploaded a very quick diagram to show… will all signals arrive at the all synths group channel exactly at the same time?

…Or is there a delay caused by the routing?

This is just a simple example, but obvs in larger projects, there could be a lot more group channels and sub-group channels etc etc


As Martin said - There is delay compensation throughout the full Cubse signal path, And if you still don´t believe, you can do a simple null test.