Routing Editor

I am trying to route a stereo sample on one channel so that only the left input channel goes to one effect and only the right a different effect. Both of the effects I want to route to left and right of the stereo out of the channel . So:

input left > effect no1 > Stereo out
input right > effect no2 > Stereo out

on the same channel. However when I open routing editor it just has the stereo in going to the stereo out and I cant edit anything. Any ideas ?

split the files to 2x mono
would be my first idea

I already thought of this but if I do it this way theres literally hundreds of tracks acrost many projects Ill need to do it on - it will add days of work. I just need to change the routing - if possible. Unless theres an easy way to easily split a stereo track into two mono tracks within nuendo ? At the moment I have to go into an audio editor (wavelab/audacity etc) split the track into two seperate mono files, then export each mono file individually etc no way I can meet my deadline doing it this way.

Convert audio tracks function does it for you
it handles the inserts as well

from Nuendo 8 on this is a bit different and very easy to use
in 7 it’s a bit hidden since it indicates to process multi channel files
if two are multi… then it works

manual page 1212