Routing / effects issue

Hello! Hope somebody can help. Using Cubase 8.5.15 Pro. I am using Cubase at the moment to import multi channel raw audio files from a digital mixer, so I can mix and master the recordings within Cubase.

If I create a new audio track, and drop a WAV file on to that track, everything works fine.

But if I just select all of the audio tracks and drop them in to a blank project so Cubase creates all of the tracks automatically, that’s where things go a bit weird. When I try to add an “insert”, or change something in the “equalizers”, it doesnt do anything at all.

When I create an audio track and drop the WAV on to it, it all works as expected, but it’s like something weird is happening with the routing when Cubase creates the track automatically. Routing is the same on both versions (simply “Stereo out”), and I’ve been through all of the tabs to see if anything is selected/unselected differently but can’t spot it. Must be something obvious … ? Any guidance of where I should be looking would be much appreciated!!


Ok I think it’s a bug - will leave this on here. I found out that only the very last auto created track exhibits this behaviour, all others are ok. I’ve tried with different audio files and even on a different computer, but always the last track in the list doesnt allow any EQ or Insert routing. If I manually create a new track and drag the WAV file over, it works normally, so that’s my workaround - import everything, then recreate the last track and delete the imported one.

Put ur stems on a folder viewable on media bay. go on media bay and that folder->ctrl A, drag and drop to playlist.
It will come with an option multiple tracks or one single track->click multiple.