routing for mixdown... RME vs Mixing board in Cubase


Just trying to figure this out: when using either Pro Tools, Logic or (previously) Sonar, whenever I wanted to mixdown, all I had to do was :

  1. create a stereo track
  2. assign I/O : S/PDIF OUT from my Yamaha 02R to input, then any temp (unactive) output.
  3. record that stereo track (then later - depending on program, export audio to anywhere on hard drive (called bounce to disk under Pro Tools).

If I try the same logical process under Cubase, there’s no way it records the S/PDIF output.

Only thing I can maybe figure out : I have set a I/O with my RME Fireface 800 audio interface, and I now assume it simply does not see the Yamaha console output… (and when selecting S/PDIF output, it may see the output of the RME … ?? (weird as I don’t even have it physically connected). Therefore, just wondering what’s the difference with other programs which are smart enough (yes I dare saying this :slight_smile: - to see ‘‘where’’ S/PDIF come from.

Just wondering if anyone else work in a similar way (mixing using both the DAW and using external mixing board - especially that board’s output for the ‘‘IN’’ of the stereo mixdown to be recorded in project. Therefore, you might understand what I might be missing to set and how…

Thanks !

Did you setup (using F4) your in and outs?
I used it long time ago with my digi 002 not any more.
I just tried and still works for me.