Routing for Unique/Separate/Individual Tracks - Standalone

Hello All!

I’m here to explain a scenario I’ve been attempting to get on my UR44 for the last few weeks.

Reason I’m doing this is because I’ve searched for over a year now how to do this and never found a way but I was sure it could be done. Also, I know there are others who were attempting to achieve the same thing and either gave up or were given the wrong information from another user or even a Yamaha/Steinberg rep. I had emailed support and was also told it could not be done unless I had the pricier model of the UR series.

Basically, with your UR44 you have a multitude of inputs and outputs but there are mainly 4 XLR/TRS inputs in the front and 4 line outs (TRS) in the back, plus a couple of other inputs/outputs. But today we’re talking about Inputs 1-4 and Outputs 1-4.

My scenario is I wanted to be able to record 4 INDIVIDUAL, UNIQUE, SEPARATE tracks like in a studio. Not a MIX. But individual tracks. So that in post, if I needed to “fix” someones voice or add in effect to a guitar, it could be done without applying to the ENTIRE mix. Make sense?

I’m using my UR44 with a Tascam 70D field recorder which can take 4 individual track inputs via XLR/TRS. I wanted to be able to record on location at any time. Basically a small field “studio.”

My problem and other’s problem, was being able to get Input 1 to go out of Output 1 and Input 2 out of Output 2…so on and so on.

If you plug in 2 mics into your inputs and then line out through the back, youll notice that every line out is just a mix of whatever is going in. Theres no individual/unique/separate track.

This will also address how to use your device as a standalone mic pre

If you go into Cubase, you can set this up easily. Create stereo inputs and outputs and then pan left and right to do this. EXCEPT, once you close Cubase and unplug the USB, the UR44 reverts back to its normal setting and you cant use it as a standalone device with your settings. Which is fine, if youre inside of the studio.

But for my needs, I needed to have everything standalone, out in the field, where any place could be my “studio.”

You could also say just carry a laptop or ipad, but again, more wires, more equipment. If thats your thing, thats fine too.

So…whats the solution? Dont use Cubase. If youre using Windows, go into Programs > Yamaha/Steinberg > dspMixFX UR44. This program opens up a small mixer. It will show you Mix 1 and Mix 2. In Mix 1 you want to pan Input 1 hard LEFT and Input 2 hard RIGHT. Mute all other inputs. In Mix 2 you want to pan Input 3 hard LEFT and Input 4 hard RIGHT. Mute all other inputs. Save preset. Close.

Thats all. Now these settings are saved to your UR44 and you can take anywhere you want without USB connection and get 4 separate and unique tracks from your device.

Any questions, feel free to ask. If this has been discovered elsewhere, disregard. I could never find this on any forum or support ticket.

Thank you.