Routing FX channel to Group

Hi, everyone!

Is it a bug or limitations for Artist version?

I can route output of FX channel only to output bus. But, if I want to route it to group, I should select QuickLink, then select this FX channel and temporarily created audio track and then specify route to the group channel selecting. When quicklinked in that way, dropdown list on audio track shows all group channels and output bus, but dropdown list on FX channel shows only output bus.


I can route FX Channel to Group Channel in Cubase Artist.

Isn’t this post a duplicate? I have a feeling there is similar thread already…

Thanks. I found it.
It is strange that two people at different places at almost the same time think about the same problem :slight_smile:

But the problem still exists.
Therefore I posted a solvation -

Shortly: The only way to route FX channel to existing group channel is to create dummy audio track, select it and the FX channels you need to route, click QuickLink and select group from drop-down list on that dummy audio track.