Routing help please: Can Predelay be "synch'd" in C 6.5?

Hi - Can’t figure this out for some reason -

“ModMachine” in C6.5 has a delay that can be dialed in and sync’d according to the project tempo - 1/4 note, 1/8 note delay, etc. No need to calculate milliseconds.

I was trying to get a reverb to start after that delay, but I couldn’t figure out how. Everything I tried had the reverb tied to the original signal and starting right away, rather than starting after the delayed signal 1/8 beat later (or whatever I dialed in).

I know I can manually calculate the predelay in milliseconds for Reverence and some of the others, but it would be much cooler if I could just throw it in after an 1/8th or a 1/16th of a beat (or whatever), rather than have to take out the calculator or look something up everytime I wanted to experiment.

Thanks for any help (included Cubase delays and reverbs only) -

Insert a delay before the reverb.

Thanks, thinkingcap, worked perfectly!