Routing?? in Cubase 5 - no sound on mixdown

Hi there!
Anybody got time to help an amateur out?
I’ve got Cubase 5, and I’ve got free VirtualMIDIsynth playing my keyboard MIDI ‘onboard’, but if I ask for an Audio Mixdown, I get no sound on the resulting WAV file. Also if you ‘record’ an audio track - nada.
But I can hear it!
What’s the secret to recording what I can hear, please?

Guys - seven views and no hints? Please…!!!

A couple of things to get a conversion started…

You said you hear something. So my 1st question is… what “sound” are you using. Midi is just data.

You are using a midi track, how are the inputs/outputs routed.

On the audio track the input is named “Stereo In”. What is the “stereo In” bus?

Also, you would need to disable the “Record Enable” function on the audio track to hear it if there was something recorded on it.

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That’ s wrong.

You are right. My mistake… sorry.

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Sorry - what I mean is, I hear my MIDI tracks played by VirtualMIDIsynth using the nice soundfont I’ve got.
The MIDI tracks are routed to the VirtualMIDIsynth (VMS) - that’s what I hear when I press play, but I don’t seem to be able to record that sound onto an audio track or ‘mix it down’ (straight from the MIDI, as if the VMS was a VST).
That’s really as much as I know or understand.
Any help?

Virtual MIDI Synth is a standalone device, that runs outside Cubase, and not a VSTi and therefore isn´t involved in a Cubase internal mixdown.

In that case, can you recommend a free VST MIDI synth that can use my nice soundfont and that I can record in a mixdown?
Many thanks for your help!

No, but you can try google.

Thanks - getting there!