Routing in Cubase - Synth/Cthulhu/Scaler?

Hello guys,

So I would like to “simply” trigger the sound from a synth plugin using both Cthulhu ARP generator and Scaler 2 Chords generator.

Usually I would route my synth to be triggered from Cthulhu or Scaler using two instruments tracks, one for the synth and one for Cthulhlu or Scaler but here I would like to combine both.

In Reaper I can simply in one click stack the 3 of them into the same track and play but now I am trying in Cubase…

Any suggestions?


If the Instrument makes a virtual MIDI Port, you can use it as the input of the other Instrument.

Hi Martin,

Don’t know. So, that would be a kind of routing inside the plugin? Is that right?

Otherwise, is it possible by routing the tracks?


Hey thanks,

Well, I know how to use Cthulhu with Cubase but, as I said above, I would like to use it with Scaler 2 as well…


If you add the Instrument Track, can you see a new virtual MIDI Port has been created?

If you mean in Studio setup window, no, there is no new port created. Is that what you mean?
And via tracks routing?


Sorry, I don’t know, if the MIDI Port would also appear in the Studio Setup > MIDI Ports Setup. Probably yes. But the MIDI Port would for sure appear as the MIDI Input/MIDI Output of any MIDI Track.

Ok, I think I got it.
So yes, indeed, it creates I guess a virtual MIDI Port.

So, in order to achieve that you need to:

  1. Create a 1st instrument track with your synth
  2. Create a 2nd instrument track with Cthulhu (in my case with only ARP function ON)
  3. Route the MIDI input of the 1st track (Synth track) to the MIDI Out of the 2nd track (Cthulhu)
  4. Activate the Monitor button of the 1st track
  5. Now if you click and select the 2nd track with Cthulhu, you should trigger your synth from the 1st track (This is the basic Cubase routing, now comes the 3rd track)
  6. Create a 3rd instrument track with Scaler
  7. Route the MIDI input of the 2nd track (Cthulhu) to the MIDI Out of the 3rd track (Scaler)
  8. Activate the Monitor button of the 2nd track
  9. Click on and select the 3rd track
  10. You can now trigger your synth using the ARP function of Scaler and the Chord function of Scaler! Et voila!

In my attempts, I missed out to activate the monitor button of the 2nd track, this is why it was not working…

Thanks anyway for your help :wink:

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Try Grouping them and in the Sub Grouping track blend them.
1 - select the tracks and right click and Group them.

What you mean by “in the Sub Grouping track blend them” ??

When you select different tracks with a sound into a group, each can be adjusted for level, pan , insert as if it was an individual track by itself but the sound of that track is sent to the created group with the other selected tracks and all of the sounds are blended.

Ok, got it.
But there is only one sound here, the track with the synth.
The two other tracks are just triggering, the arpeggio for Cthulhu, and the Chords for Scaler

I would ask, what version of Cubase are you using. I would ask, why are you using Cthulhu and Scaler as direct sound outputs, you can do that but the objective of these VIs are for scale and chord arrangement. Please check your output setting in their Channesl because you are using them just as VIs or setup a go between with other synths attach to Scaler and Cthulhu and listen for their sound.