Routing in Groove agent

I have midi and audio drum samples that have their own track with groove agent loaded on each of them. What I want to do is have one instance of groove agent with all of those samples loaded into it. I still want to have each sample on its own track though. How do I route all of my samples into one instance of groove agent with each sample having its own track. picture of my current session for context

note: midi and audio samples.

To anyone that can help thank you.

  1. Load samples to Groove Agent pads as desired(drag and drop from Media bay or File Manager)
  2. Create MIDI tracks and point their outputs to the instance of Groove Agent.

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I’m running into difficulty trying to route the written midi tracks to each specific pad in groove agent. could u go into abit further detail about routing into groove agent?

You don’t need to route them to a specific pad, just to Groove Agent.
The pad will only play when the assigned note is played regardless of which track it’s coming from.

In the attached photo, I have a MIDI track that I’ve called “Snare”, you can see from its inspector that it is routed to Groove Agent SE’s Main input. Anything played/recorded on this MIDI track will be directed to Groove Agent SE (the same for Groove Agent).

You can assign each pad a track through show all outs. I think f11

Also, you can route them in ga own mixer. Its pretty cool

Seeing the above makes me wonder what the OP actually wants?

I explained how to get to record and play separate MIDI tracks into Groove Agent whilst above is described how to split the outputs of Groove Agent onto separate mixer tracks (either within or outside of GA)…

I’ve used both at different times and both are possible as explained but they are different things…

Adding to what’s already been posted here.

Try this: (using Beat Agent not Acoustic Agent in GASE/4 in Windows)

  1. Load an empty instance of GA you want to move the samples into. (Target)
  2. Call up one of the instances of GA that holds a sample you want. (Source)
  3. Put the two side by side to see both
  4. Select the Source Sample Pad you want to move (or copy)
  5. To copy the sample from GA Source to GA Target, hold Alt and drag the sample to the Target Instance of GA, to move, just drag it over.

Result: Sample is Copied Or Moved from Source Instance of GA to Target Instance of GA. This will allow you to consolidate all the samples into one instance of GASE/4.


Routing in GA is, imho, a thing of beauty, but complex. Kits can be as simple or as complex as you want or need.

GASE/4 can have multiple Audio Output or all can be routed to the Kit Mix and Master Output.

To use individual Audio Outputs for the Pads, right click and route, note that Audio Outputs must be Activated for them to appear in the Mixer. Routing for any Sample can be also set at the Main Tab in GA (see the output button at the bottom left of the Main tab)

Don’t confuse “Agent” Routing with Audio Output Routing. GA is highly flexible in terms of routing potential. You can have, for example, all the MIDI on one MIDI Track, but all the Pads can be assigned to “Kit Mix” and “Master” or Agent Buses AND up to 17 Audio Outs (Master, plus 16 available audio outputs).

GASE Provides: Agent Buses 1-16 Plus Aux 1-4; Audio Outputs: Master Out plus 16 available Audio Outputs.


Good luck. :slight_smile: