Routing in UR824

I’m thinking of getting a UR824 but I’m wondering if it’s possible to use it as a standalone A/D AND D/A converter? Reading the manual I only see mixes 1-4 as destinations to the 8 analog and 16 adat outs, is it possible to route say analog 1&2 directly to adat 1 without using a mix?

The UR824 must be setup with a computer, the last setting must be saved.
If done this way the ur824 is usable as a stand alone mixer, but not adjustable in any way (maybe with the a iPad?).

The ADAT routing should be maintained, however in stand-a-lone mode I think the ADAT isn’t functional, but this should be tested as I never experienced such routing setups myself nor see the need for it.

It is possible.
I use an UR824 connected via adat (both ways) to an Fireface UFX.
But I leave the USB connected to the PC so tbhat I can change the mixersettings. But if you use only one mixersetting it works also without the usb connection.

Can you explain how you do that with only 4 stereo mixes? Possibly a screenshot if the routing window?

I don’t know if I understand you right, but you can assign the source for each stereo pair on that page.
The rest of the routing in MY setup is done in totalmix

Thanks for the screenshot. Are there other selections for the outs aside from Mix and Daw? I.E. can I send Analog 1&2 directly to Adat 1&2?
Thanks again…

Yes, or Analog 4+5 to Adat out 1+2

And you can choose to send with the effects or without. Reverb only for the masterchannel in the mixer. Other effects for the individual channels

Fantastic, that answers my question! Thanks for your time.