Routing instrument tracks to the main mix output correctly

Hi there,
The already-existing instrument tracks in my project yield no sound, while new tracks I’m currently adding work normally. What setting should I change in the old tracks to make them play like the new ones (or is there an easier way to just reset the whole thing)?

A bit more background:
This project is one I’ve abused quite a lot (worked on it for a long time during which I replaced various hardware components, changed folder hierarchy etc.). The current system configuration seems OK though, since the new tracks play without my editing anything in its definitions.

All the tracks in this project are either VST instrument tracks or audio tracks.

When I play the project, all tracks show signals in their audio activity meters (or whatever you call these bars that go up and down with the sound). However, the audio activity meter of the main mix output channel remains dead (expect when I play something from the new track).

Initially, I had this problem both in the old audio tracks and in the old instrument tracks, but I manage to overcome it in the audio tracks by replacing “no bus” with “stereo” in the “output routing” field of the track inspector.

Therefore I suspect that in the instrument tracks the solution is something similar. HOWEVER, the “output routing” field in the instrument tracks is a bit different: It shows the virtual instrument choice (in my case Hallion Sonic SE / Groove Agent SE / Prolog which I guess I want to keep) and for Halion/ it also gives a list of possible outputs (“all outputs”, “main [stereo]” “2 [stereo]”, “3 [stereo]”, …, “16 [stereo]”). By default the “main [stereo]” is selected in that list in each of the tracks (both in the old ones that don’t work and in the new ones that do work). Just to be thorough, I already tried selecting other options in those list and it didn’t help…

Thank you for surviving this long description (if you did). If you’ve ever solved a similar issue, I’d appreciate an advice.



What Instrument diff you use? Is the instrument loaded with the project?

Open MixConsole and show the routing rack. Change no bus to stereo out here.