Routing Issue with Rode NTSF1 and Soundfield Plugin Dolby Atmos

I am using a recording from the Rode NTSF1 mic and trying to mix it to Dolby Atmos in Nuendo.

If I am working in Pro Tools I simply create a quad audio track and bring the NTSF1 file onto it. Route that to the 7.1.2 bed, add the Soundfield plugin and all is good.

If I am working in Nuendo I have tried numerous configurations and all failed to give me proper channel routing. There is no height channels and things are out of whack.

Any expert tips on how to get Nuendo to play well with?

In Nuendo you will have to create the track with the desired output format your self. This means you create a 7.1.2 track, drag the 4-channel Ambisonics file onto it, add the plug-in - and all should be good :wink: … assuming that the plug-in has the ASIO output formats implemented properly, of course.

Appreciate the response, still having same issue.

Created a 7.1.2 audio track routed to standard bed.
Added the 4 channel ambisonics file onto it, added the plugin.
Still no height channels.

Screenshot 2023-10-04 at 1.48.24 PM

Watching. I have the Sennheiser Ambeo mic and would love to do this in Nuendo.

Curious - did you ever get this sorted out? (Found your post while researching this mic)

Maybe there are some clues in this video?