Routing issues

I am having a couple of issues with audio routing. My setup is at the bottom.

  1. I have two inputs on my RME Babyface. One of them has a 1/4" in for an instrument. I can hear it through the Babyface software but I cannot get Cubase to detect it (I also have Reason, and it can pick it up just fine). No matter what input I select on the Track Inspector, I get no signal.

In the studio setup, it says it’s active.

  1. My other problem is that everything is mono. If I pan something hard left or hard right, I do not hear it “move.” Serious bummer, that. Mixdowns are stereo but I’m not getting live monitoring of the stereo signal.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. It’s always a bummer when you sit down to create music and you spend your evening trying to figure out some tech issue that stops you in your tracks.

RME Babyface
Artist Cubase 10.5
Windows 11
Let me know if you want specs but I don’t think it’s relevant with this question

In Cubase a hardware audio input needs to be connected to an Input Bus in order to be available to the system.
This can be done in Studio → Audio Connections → Inputs
Have you done this?

Just create a stereo audio track and connect it to the appropriate Input Bus for recording. Then you should be able to pan the signal around.
Also make sure your Output Bus is configured as a stereo bus. (Studio → Audio Connections → Outputs)

Thanks so much. I’ll see if I can figure that out. I do appreciate your help!

Here’s what I have in audio connections. Seems like I’ve got those busses set up correctly to me. What do you think? :


Ok, nice. Now you can create an audio track (with a stereo configuarion if you want to be able to have stereo capabilities) and chose the appropriate Input Bus as the input.

Okay, that’s all familiar territory. The issue is that when I choose “Analog 2 (2)” as the input, I get nothing. It shows an input, and you can hear it, in TotalMix (the routing software that comes with the RME Babyface), but I get nothing in Cubase. Channel 1 works fine, but nothing from Channel 2. If I close Cubase and go to Reason, I get a signal on Analog 2, so I believe it’s something in Cubase.

Thanks again.

remove the stereo in bus and add two mono in channel 1 and 2

Problem 1 solved! That was the biggie.

Now, panning that track (“Sm mic” in screenshot below) still does not “move” the signal left and right. The “Lg mic” though…

Thanks so much for your help and patience!

Both should work the same way.
both the channels are stereo, you only need mono, since its a mono recording.
so add two mono tracks and a stereo group track.
on both the mono tracks you select input 1 and input 2 and output to the stereo group track.
on the stereo group track you select your stereo out

Yes, I would think both would work the same way but they don’t. I’ve checked everything I know to check and they’re set the same but act differently.

I’ve worked in Cubase for a couple decades now and I’ve always just been able to record to a track and pan it left and right without taking the steps you’re describing.

This particular project has a guitar recorded with two mics, so I can see grouping them together, but what about, say, a shaker? Shouldn’t I be able to record that with one mic and pan it wherever I want in the final mix without adding an additional track. I am confused by your answer and think that there must be some concept that I’m missing here.

I’ve changed outputs on Lg mic and Sm mic to Left Stereo out and Right Stereo out, respectively

Creating track 1 (not sure the outputs is set correctly)

Creating track 2

Guitar group track created with new tracks output to it.

Should I paste the audio into these new channels?

Im just trying to simply it, so it’s easier to troubleshoot.
But yes, you don’t need the group track, it was just to find out if it was something else wrong.
first of don’t think of inputs as left or right.
you have two mono that’s it, everything is recorded in mono.

when you create a mono track the output should not be left or right, it should be your stereo output. it looks like it’s split up in dual mono

click on the down arrow on the audio output when creating the track and choose Stereo Out

I am easily confused, it seems. I thought you were saying that my outputs were set incorrectly and I don’t think they were; I had them set to Stereo Out originally.

Anyway, I started a new project from scratch and things are acting the way I expect them to. I don’t understand WHY, mind you, which means there’s some gap in my understanding of all this, but at least I can make music instead of troubleshooting my tech and YOU, my saintly soul, can go about your business too.

The other problem that is solved, one that I did not mention, is that monitoring was not turning off when the recording stopped or even when I hit the track’s speaker icon. So I was, of course, getting heinous feedback when I listened to my recording on monitors. My workaround to pull the input level in TotalMix all the way down (or unplug the mics).

Something about creating this new input bus has set things right again in my little studio and for that I am ever grateful to you!

Nice you got it to work!
but I would suggest taking the manual to bed tonight and read a little around the I/O stuff in cubase and routing
good luck!

Yes, I should definitely do that.

And perhaps this song is titled “Statherian…”

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Nice to see that the issues were solved one way or the other.

I just want to add that I cannot see anything wrong with the setup in the screenshot below and would not know why the signal on the selected track is not only on the right side.
I would think it is a local anamoly from Cubase and creating a new track, deleting the old one might be the solution.