Routing Maschine through Cubase 9

Hi all… This really should be easy!! But I have spent 6 hours now trying to get this to work! Endless tutorials, manual searching (not knowing what exact terms to use for the search on either!!)

All I want to do is take my finished songs Maschine track and route the audio through cubase as seperate tracks!

I have activated the tracks in the VST window, I have activated the tracks in Maschine itself to route to 1 - 16

But HOW ON EARTH do I route those 16 to midi channels in Cubase!!???

I dont see the ‘activated’ 16 tracks anywhere!!

Please help, I am going to smash things very soon… This is RIDICULOUSLY hard!

can you explaIn what you want to do here with the midi, you already have audio routed so that is good.

MIDI needs to be turned on in the machine mixer view by each track.