Routing Master Mix to choice of multiple outs


My apologies for this seemingly very basic question.

I have multiple hardware outputs on my audio interface. I have defined two stereo buses, ‘Stereo Out 1’ and ‘Stereo Out 2’ as the first and 2nd pair of outputs sequentially on the interface.

Now I want my master mix to be routed, per my choice, to either

a) Stereo Out 1
b) Stereo Out 2


c) both Stereo Out 1 and Stereo Out 2

and to be easily switchable between a/b/c with a single operation.

I have been unable to figure this out, despite Forum searches and consultation of the manual.

Related (but separate), I don’t even understand how my virtual instrument sounds are arriving into the main mix in the first place, since I took no action to send them there.

Can someone kindly guide me on this subject in the simplest of terms, while not saying “Just do X” where is X non-obvious or in fact actually hidden in the first place!

Many thanks.

P.S. I wanted to upload a picture of my mix console, but I can’t find a way to do that either! How do we add pics to our forum posts?

In Cubase Artist you could probably use “Channel Sends”.
Create a separate Output Channels for your second pair of speakers.
Then make a new “Group Channel”, and route your other channels there instead of the main mix
Then make 2 sends for this new Group Channel , one each to the 2 output channels you now have Then activate and deactivate those 2 sends as you wish. Channel Settings – Channel Sends

If you have Cubase Pro, then the above method would also work. But in Pro you could use the feature called the “Control Room”. It’s a bit harder to get your head around (unless you have experience in a reasonably fully fledged commercial hardware studio). But it’s quite elegant, once you’re used to it. Control Room and there’s several YouTube videos about the Cubase Control Room, if you want to dig down that avenue.

Using the “Control Room” method, you’d probably want to set up one of your speaker sets as a “Monitor” and the other one as a “Cue Send” to be able to use both at the same time. – If you just want to alternate (and never use both sets of speakers at the same time), set both of the speaker pairs up as Monitor sets.

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Thanks for your comments Nico5.

I think what’s killin’ me is the interface’s inconsistency (as I see it!) in requiring the user to go to different places in order to accomplish the same thing for different kinds of tracks.

For example, in the Inspector for an Audio Track there is an ‘Output Routing’ field that let’s me choose between whatever Audio Buses I have defined (e.g. ‘Stereo Out’, ‘Stereo Out 2’, etc.) and any Group tracks I have defined. IOW, the Inspector shows me where the audio is going and lets me change that. This is part of the primary UI of the track and there is no need to go over to the mix console and open something else to do any of this.

OTOH, for a virtual Instrument (soft synth, VSTi), the Inspector does not offer an ‘Output Routing’ field (though audio is being created, and it has to go somewhere!), but instead, using the same icon, [->, offers an ‘Instrument’ field, which has a completely different function (i.e. to change the choice of VSTi).

In order to get to an Instrument’s audio output routing, you have to go over to the Mix Console (who knew?!), find and choose ‘Edit Channel Settings’ (who knew?!), and then find/figure-out that to the right of a right arrow icon there is a field that will allow choosing between Output buses (if/as defined) and Group tracks (if any exist) as the destination for the Instrument’s audio (who knew?!).

I’d put this all here in pictures, but it seems I cannot. (!)

The manual could show this in pictures, but it does not. The manual could describe this in words as a use case (e.g. “Changing VST Audio Output Routing”) but it does not. The manual could have an index entry “VST Audio Output Routing” but it does not.

IMO, all track types that generate audio should have an ‘Output Routing’ field in the inspector ala Audio tracks!

FWIW, I also think that sending anything to multiple places could/should be as simple as selecting/highlighting the multiple places from a list of available possibilities.

Anyway, I’ve worked with the suggestions and can accomplish the stated goal now. Thanks again!


Actually Audio routing is available in the Inspector (Audio Sends & Direct Routing) - but I think you may have to add it to your default Inspector view for Instruments by clicking on the little gear icon).

The Inspector views are customizable, so you can choose for yourself what sections you’d like to see in the Inspector for each different track type. Side note: Those little gear icons are in many places in the Cubase UI, so worthwhile exploring.

Thank you Nico5 for the further helpful comments.

There was alot of stuff I needed to find and make visible.

I’ve got the Racks and the Control Room working now, but I still observe that choosing A Monitor 1 results in hearing only A speakers (as expected), but choosing B Monitor 2 results in hear BOTH A and B speakers and I am having a very frustrating time with this as I cannot figure out why!

Thanks also for posting a picture. I’m like, “How’d he do that!?” and finally I found the icon that provides that access!

Cubase - Forum Upload Icon 01

(And finding that, the notice also: “you can also drag & drop into the editor to upload them” ) LOL. Cheers!

I think this was also relevant:

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OK - I have stumbled on a way to get A/B switch via the Control Room Monitors without duplication of the audio.

Routing my previously-defined Stereo Outs 1 & 2 to nowhere (and thus Main Mix to nowhere)

and then setting up my CR Monitors to go to my two separate physical output pairs

gives me unique switching via the Control Room.

Cubase - CR Monitors Switch A-B or

Cubase - CR Main Switch A-B


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glad you got it going ! Your setup looks exactly right now!