Routing/Metronome issue

Hello everyone,
I just finished setting up my ur22mkII and installing cubase. I tried recording my synth so step by step this is what I did: First I opened up cubase and created a new empty project, I added a new audio track, turned on the metronome and started recording. When I finished recording and pressed on the playback I could hear the sound of the metronome even if I disabled it by pressing c, which must mean that when I recorded my synth the audio track was also recording the sound I was hearing from my computer, so my question is, how can I setup the audio track to record sound only from the input of my synth and not record the sounds my computer makes? Thank you in advance.
P.S: to elaborate a little bit, when I for example listen play a youtube video

Hi and Welcome,

A couple of questions first; which version of Cubase are you using (Elements/Artist/Pro and version number) and what sort of metronome sound, is it an Audio-click/MIDI click…?

Also what were you recording that had the click included? Audio through a microphone, a MIDI keyboard, VSTi?

Hello and thanks for answering so quickly! I’m using Cubase AI Elements version 9.0.20 and I didn’t mess with the settings of the metronome, both midi click and audio click are enabled. I was recording some piano sounds from my kurzweil pc3 synthesizer. Hope that covers your questions!

With your interface it might be that you have the loop-back function enabled. See page 7 of the manual for how to check and disable.

That was it, I guess I should take the old saying RTFM more seriously from here on out. Thanks for your help!

You’re welcome, glad you got it sorted. Yes, those manuals are useful sometimes. :slight_smile: