Routing MIDI chs to VIs

Hello :slight_smile:

So, I have come across a bit of an issue when it comes to routing MIDI chs to VIs. The list format. Originally, I was thinking, what happens when there is no more real estate to hold all of the text? When you are near the max, in C5, the screen looks like this:

So I added another instance of VEPro, and the routing turned into a list, which I then noticed C6 does automatically, regardless of how many VIs are loaded. That looks like this:

I am not sure how to handle the issue of when there is too much text to fit, but I can tell you that the crux of the list problem lies in the fact that clicking on the bottom arrow of that list scrolls downward very slowly. It scrolls one entry at a time, and with the instruments I have loaded, it took literally 62 seconds to get to the bottom of the list. And to make matters worse, once you click on an entry to route, it defaults back to the top the next time you need to route another ch, forcing you to sit there and go through the process all over again.

I guess this was never a consideration until now - I mean, in the past, one would never have that many entries. But now with VEPRo, it has to be a consideration, and SB cannot seriously consider leaving the list fomat as-is. Hereโ€™s hoping someone from SB can comment.


Medi bay to the rescue!