Routing Midi From Another App To Cubase?

I’m using a standalone autocomposition app that lets me select my midi output port. I chose the main midi port from my audio interface. I should note the other app is not rewire capable.

When I route it to my hardware sound module, everything works.

Can I route it directly to Cubase?

I tried …

I selected the same midi output port used for the module as a Cubase midi track input … but I don’t see any midi activity in the track or any where else in the program … like the vertical red bar in the transport.

I know the midi output stream is working correctly … otherwise the module wouldn’t play. It also continues to play no matter whether Cubase or the app is the active window. Cubase will play at the same time on other tracks … although obviously nothing is in sync.

I also know the track input is working properly, because if I change it to my controller, I can trigger the softsynth in the track.

I don’t understand why the midi stream from the other app through the midi port doesn’t show up in Cubase?

Any help appreciated.


Non-multiclient midi Driver?


^Are you saying that even if the midiport continues to show up in Cubase and continues to properly function as an output port from Cubase to the sound module, the midiport is not multiclient?

I did start Cubase first and the other app second.

Note that I can continue to trigger the same module being ‘played’ by the other app, when I send the Cubase track output to the module. That says that the module is receiving input from two sources … the other app and Cubase … simultaneously.

I’d assume that was was ‘multiclient.’


Win7 x64? Cubx64, otherappx32?

No further ideas. Check out loopMidi.

TY … need to update my profile: Win7 x64, C6 32 and other app 32.

… and already downloaded and looking into it.


OK … installed loopmidi and it works … except

The output from the other app comes through only on channel 1 and as a ‘midi type 0,’ that is, channel one contains nested channel information for each of the voices in the file.

I can record this input and then dissolve it to separate tracks easily enough, but I’d like to somehow real time filter out the different channels separately.

It wouldn’t matter, for example, if it still played the midi file’s channel 6 on channel 1… as long as it only played a single channel. Then I could route to multiple tracks, each filtered to only receive one channel.

Could I use the Midi Transformer plug-in or the Input Transformer to filter out all but one designated channel on any track?

If they both would work, any advantage of one over the other?


I use MIDI Yoke to connect the MIDI output from one program to the MIDI input of a different program.
Allthough it’s kind of old, the XP version still works like a charm.

TY Henky … but that’s not the problem. The other app has only a single midi output … not like C6 where you can assign different midi ports on a track by track basis.

That’s why I describe the midi output as being like a ‘type 0’ midi file where all the channel info is on one track.

I need a way to filter out all included channels but one on a track by track basis.

I’m going to muck around with the Midi Transformer and Midi Input to see if one or another of those can do the job. It looks like, since they can filter midi channels, they should be able to do the job.

Unless someone knows better?