Routing Midi HW to an AUV3 Effect? (TH-U Overloud)

When I have an Audio Track and insert an AUV3 Effect (TH-U-Overloud) for processing and I want to route Midi-Hardware (a bluetooth pedal) to the AUV3 effect the Midi Data dont get through to the effect.
I find no possibility to route my BT2-Pedal (which is powered by a Virtual Midi App) to the effect. I also cant route ma Airturn BT200 to it (which is a BT-Midi device).
In AUM or in LOOPY Pro I simply route my BT-Pedals (even both!) as input to the App and everything works. I can assign the pedals and both work within TH-U!!In Cubasis I dont find such a possibility.
(It doesnt help that I can set the Midi input within the TH-U to BT-Pedal: It only works when I go into Learn mode: Then it learns my BT-Pedal signal. But when I return into the normal TH-U the signal doesnt come to the FX. This is NO THU-issue, as the TH-U behaves the same way within AUM or LOOPY, and when I route the BT-Pedal as input into the FX as output everything works out fine. Only in Cubasis I have NOTHING within the routing tab. Where am I going wrong? Thanks for help!