Routing Midi Output of Instrument Tracks


I’m wondering if it’s possible to reroute the midi output of an Instrument Track / VST? At the moment the Midi Output naturally goes to the plugin, but is it possible to route the midi output of the plugin?

The reason: Using a VST with no GUI, so rerouting the midi into a controller.

I’m not sure if it’s possible to link a VST to an external midi device and do it that way?


Sometimes, but often not. It is dependent on the specific VSTi. For example an instance of Groove Agent will create a MIDI Out for each of its 4 Agents. If a VSTi does create MIDI Outs they will appear in the list of available MIDI Inputs on a Track.

While I generally encourage Instrument Tracks over MIDI Tracks this is a case where the MIDI Track is better suited to the task because they have 4 MIDI Sends which Instrument Tracks for some odd reason don’t.

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Thanks! Unfortunately the VST in question doesn’t have any default midi ouputs but I can ask the developers about that.

The VST in question, if you haven’t heard, is the newly released DSP56K emulator. Which currently runs ROMS from the Access Virus B and Virus C.


MIDI Tracks are what you want then.

That doesn’t resolve the issue either.
I need to send the output of the VST to a hardware midi out.

Midi out from a MIDI track just sends from that track and not the VST itself.

Maybe something like this could help…

I am using here BFD3, which is able to output MIDI messages.

  1. I set it as an instrument rack in the Plug-in manager. So, I have a MIDI track and a VST instrument folder.
  2. I add another MIDI track (BFD3Routing)with BFD3 - Midi out (the first MIDI track added when loading the VSTi as an instrument rack) as its input, an external instrument as output (05R/W, which has some drum kits) and record arm it.
  3. I launch a groove in BFD3 and record the whole thing.

The result I get is as shown :

So, yes, we need to use an instrument rack for this to work, AFAIK, but well…

If you create a MIDI Track and then set the MIDI In on that Track to be the output of the VSTi, you should then be able to route the Output (which is now also passing on the VSTi out if monitoring is enabled) of the MIDI Track and its 4 MIDI Sends to external MIDI ports or internal VSTi’s.