routing midi to an insert fX


what i want to do is use the filter section of a synth as an insert fx, the synth is zebra’s scaled down fx version called zebrify which is the synth minus the oscillator section. i can insert this into an audio track but i want to use the fx keytracking and envelop sections to modulate the filter. the trouble is i cannot figure out how to route midi note numbers to the fx. i read online that it is possible to do this in cubase but i cannot find anything in the manual or online on how.

if anyone can direct me to where in the manual i can read up about this ( if its in there) or how i would tackle the task i would appreciate it.



Can you select the effect on the VST instrument channel associated with the MIDI track?


it occured to me after i posted that the fx must show up in the midi output routing pull down menu (just as in the case of the midi gate fx). I was originally thinking along the lines that you are suggesting Mashedmitten … looking at that and the automation lanes and had overlooked the possiblity the fx simply showed up as a midi output option.

i simply created a new midi track and selected the midi destination to be the fx which shows up at the bottom of that pull down menu (below the midi interface output options) and voila!!

at first glance it seems that the pluggins must be vst 2.4 or newer fx and have that functionality built into them to capable of having a dedicated midi channel directed to them for triggering lfos or …?

Awesome … thanks to the steinberg development staff for that one!!