Routing MIDI to other software

Hi guys,
is there a way to route a midi file from Cubase to an external software in the same computer?
I’m trying to building up a live session with friends and I would like to sync my music to lights sending a Cubase Midi track output to an external software which is located in the same pc.

Not built-in, no. Best option probably is by using software like loopMIDI or some such to create a virtual MIDI port.

Use it as the output of the MIDI track from Cubase. and input of the external software.

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agreed with @paka: I’ve been using loopMIDI to route midi traffic between applications for quite a while: loopMIDI | Tobias Erichsen

And just in case, you’re not yet familiar with it, MidiOX is a great MIDI utility to use for troubleshooting, routing and transforming midi traffic on a PC: