Routing multiple input tracks in cubase


I selected all my channels, then holded Shift key downs and selected output channel 1. Then it went from one to 20 as I wanted.
The same thing doesn’t apply for imputs. I holded down shift, shift + alt, shift + command.
Nothing works.
I don’t want to manually route all my inputs.

Not sure what’s different in your setup from mine, but here that does work.

Maybe try a different order of holding keys and mouse clicks.

That one works.
But I want that I select all the tracks. press some buttons and Audio 01 will be in 1, Audio 02 will be in 2 and so on…

Sorry, you I misunderstand. The little video is simply documenting that the process does work.

I held Shift+Alt while multiple tracks are selected, and changed the input routing for all selected tracks at once.

Please be precisely specific about the steps you take and the result.

If I read it correctly, I think OP is trying to assign the tracks to sequential inputs (not all the same) – i.e. the first selected track listens to input1, the second one to input2, the third one to input3, etc.


Oh yeah?

Oh. Oops. Well I’ll leave it for posterity. Wouldn’t want anyone to think I’m perfect.

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No need to worry about that here…

If the OP wants Input 1 going to Track 1, Input 2 to Track 2, etc. it seems like setting it up once manually & saving that as a Template would work.

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Actually, it did work with just Shift held down.

So maybe for @Saamuel_Pedosk case the Tool Modifiers are not at default, or the order of the mouse-click and modifier key should be reversed

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I set Tool Modifiers to default. Shift key still doesn’t do the job.
Sorry, English is not my native language so it’s maybe hard to understand my needs.
I want that Audio 01 would be in 1 and Audio 02 be in 2.
With channels outputs Shift key works but it doesn’t work with inputs.
I wanted to add youtube link here for my problem but I can not add it for some reason!

Yes, I have understood. And to show that it works, I created a short video showing this in my previous post.

In regard to the modifier key, I think there is no way to configure one, so Shift is correct.

However, you have not mentioned what version or Cubase product you use, nor your OS and System info.

I have Cubase 12 and it’s on Macbook Pro

I have the same issue on macbook pro. I can set track outputs in ascending order using SHIFT, but it does not work for inputs. Any of modifier keys and combinations does not work for input.

But then i found that all my inputs was set as mono but my tracks was stereo. I switched tracks to mono and SHIFT works fine.