Routing of CI 1 with Cubase 6.5

I have an issue with Routing my CI 1 into cubase. Apparently, I do not seem to see any Audio signals coming into the cubase to start a recording. I’m not sure about the settings when in comes to the inputs and out puts. At first it was the inbuilt speakers that I had an issue with, Muting. After that is settle now is this… please anyone, give me a suggestion on how to get all these started.
Issue 1.jpg

I’m not an a Mac, but to get audio into Cubase, you need to configure the devices inside Cubase (I’ m quite certain it is the same on a Nac). Your screenshot seems to show a Mac Menue box, not a Cubase one. You should start by reading the Cubase manual / getting started guide, which has enough info on how to set up your system…

Thinkingcap is right, it’s the same on Mac. You will set your routing in Cubase, not in the Mac OS X Audio Device Settings.

Check your Devices > Device Setup > VST Audio System settings. The Yamaha USB Audio driver should be here. Then check your Device > VST Connecction. In the Input tab, you will set your inputs. In the Output tab, you will set your outputs. My recommendation is to leave Output empty, and set your main output in the Studio tab, using Monitor 1 bus in the Cubase 6.5 (this is not in Artist, or Elements version). The reason is, singal playbacks from the Media Bay, Import Audio window, and others, is routed through this Monitor 1 bus.

Thank you soo much for the Reply. Yes I am using Mac, the thing is that, when I configure my inputs from cubase, (after installing the drive CI 1) on a track of cubase itself, theres (no bus) which means there is no inputs or devices which i could use as inputs, except stereo left and right… I dont seem to see my CI 1 device to place an input. It works for Sequel and Wave LE… but not for my Cubase!!!

For the Mono track, you can use Stereo Left input, which is your Input 1 on the hardware. Or you can use Stereo Right input, which is your Input 2 on the hardware.

Or you can create your own settings in the Devices > VST Connections. Open the Input tab, and click to the Add Bus button. You can choose Stereo/Mono bus. Choose Mono. You can set the physical input, which will be used for this bus. So, select Input 1. Name it as Mono 1, for example. You can make the same for input 2.

Then, you can save your settings, as preset. I’m quite sure, there is Preset with 2x Mono name. So, you can use this one.

I wondered, if this is not in the Quick Start of Cubase.