Need help understanding how to route the OFFLINE PROCESS Preview bus.

Right now I have the problem that it’s playing back equally across all the mix busses configured as my MAIN MIX format in the Output tab. I’m set up to use the Control Room in a standard film 5.1 monitoring config.

Everything is fine until I go to Offline Process a bit of dialog, hit Preview, and the audio plays back in all the 5.1 Monitor channels equally.

Oddly, the Offline Process Preview bus is different than the POOL/Sample Editor. In those places, the audio previews in the Left Right channels.

The only workaround I’ve found is to have to remember to hit the Mono folddown every time before I do an offline process so I can hear the audio in the center channel properly, then switch the monitors back to 5.1 soon as I’m done with the process.

The only way I can get the OFFLINE Preview to automatically play in center channel is to turn Control Room off and use the direct outs. I setup a Mono Output, route it to the Center speaker, configure that Mono as my Main Mix (red speaker icon) and then it sends the Preview automatically to the center. leaves my main 5.1 mix alone. But of course that means no Control Room which is a bummer. And also means the Pool/Sample Editor plays only in the Center until I change my MAIN MIX over to be a Stereo Output so I can audition stereo tracks properly.

I feel like I must be missing something obvious as this seems all too cumbersome and limiting.

Ideally, the OFFLINE PROCESS Preview should default to auditioning “IN PLACE” using the routing of the track the audio clip is on that you are processing. It’s not much help if you go to process a dialog clip and it auditions in the Left and Right or music clip and it auditions mono in the center.

Any suggestions on how to get it to work more like that??

At least I’d like a way to use the Control Room but be able to audition Processes in the center channel which is what I need most of the time for all the dialog work.