routing one channel to another

Hi All,
I was wondering – is there a way to route a channel to another channel to clone the sound?
say for example I have superior drummer 3 snare, I want to clone that sound to a separate audio track so that every time there is a midi snare hit, 2 channels will have the exact same sound of that snare

Thanks in advance

What version do you have You need Pro to route it to another audio track. Routing is annoyingly crippled in other versions.

You could use sends or direct outs to route to multiple busses. Or have two instances of superior drummer.

I have Cubase Pro 10. in superior drummer if I send, it ends up sending all the drum parts (hihat/snare/ride etc…).
Im just planning to send snare

You need to have multiple outs from superior drummer and route those drums like the kick / snare from within superior drummer to the different outs. You can create the new outs from the inspector. From there you can route the snare to another out if necessary.

Why do you want to do this? If you’re wanting to do parallel compression you’re probably best using a wet/dry control on a compressor.