Routing other software into Cubase

I saw a couple of threads here on this topic and neither of them actually came to a resolution.

Here’s what I’m struggling to achieve:

I want to route the output of Virtual DJ into Cubase so I can record a live radio show, including talking and also play live piano during the show. The only way to cue up and play tracks during the show is with software such as Virtual DJ. Cubase does not offer a way to play and stop audio files while I’m recording continuously. SO I want to play the tunes in Virtual DJ and send that audio to a track in Cubase so that it records live, along with my voice and piano playing. And at the end of the show I will have all the audio recorded in Cubase, ready to export as a radio show.

Some people told me to try ‘virtual audio cable’ which I have installed, but I don’t see any way to select that as an input in Cubase. Others mentioned ASIO4ALL but I don’t see any use with that as it simply mutes my audio entirely, across my whole system.

There has to be a way to achieve this. Does anyone know how? I am not willing to buy additional external audio gear and try and route this in an elaborate and expensive hardware way.

I have spent half a day Googling this and trying to resolve it. It seems that virtually no one has used virtual audio cable with Cubase as no search results come up. I assume it does not work for connecting other audio software to Cubase or people would have mentioned it.

Thanks to anyone who knows the answer.


I don’t know the Virtual Audio Cable, but in general, if you want to use it as an Input, you have to set it as an Audio Device (ASIO Driver) first. Does it emulate virtual Audio Device too? I would expect so.

Typically the best way to do that is configuring your audio interface to loopback the audio. What audio interface are you using (hint, hint, that’s why we encourage putting you system specs in your signature)? :wink:

Just looked at their website

It seems you must use ASIO4ALL to get Virtual Audio Cable to talk to Cubase. I’ve never touched it but others here know how to set it up.

I`m searching for similar answers but in my case i want to load VSTi plugins into Cubase and sample them with a autosampler (Samplerobot 6 pro) application. This way i can make complex multisamples triggering 4-5 vsti plugins at the same time. A great way to make “big sounding” multisamples to load in my Korg Kronos.

I found a clear in depth tutorial but unfortunately in his example he works with a standalone plugin (NI Machine) although he does mention it works with a DAW too. In Machine you can select the Audio Device and the Driver separately. He chooses Audiocable as device and a Windows Driver. In Cubase i only see the option to choose a driver (Device settings) and i cannot seem to choose a device separately or at least i don`t know where. Does anyone know?