Routing question (new user)

Hi everyone, I just registered to this forum. I’ve been using cubase elements 7 for about a month give or take. I’ve figured out most of the basics, and searched and watched tutorials for the rest. I’ve searched for this answer, but I’m having trouble wording it correctly to find an answer.

When I’m laying down tracks and writing music I usually use 2 panned 8 strings guitars, 2 panned clean, 2, more clean for fx, one big fat 6 string bass track centered then my other channel is for ezdrummer 2. The only real paid plugins I’m using now are fab filter eq and multiband comp for taming guitar lows. Some times I get caught up with the fx but here’s my question.

Once I have all of my raw tracks I group each one to a group. One lead guitar, one clean, one bass and one drums. Each raw track is routed out to the group channel and the group channel is using an Fx channel as a post send. This is where I eq, compress and things of that nature. When I flip over to my mixer I notice that if I don’t route the tracks to the group tracks, the raw tracks and mixed in just as the group and fx channels. I tired to disable the stereo out bus for the group channels but it didn’t sound right. When i route the raw tracks to the group tracks I lose my panning effect. Am I doing this correctly? Should the raw tracks be in the mix? It seems like the fx, and group channels should only be routed to the stereo out but I just can’t wrap my head around this.

Also in having trouble figuring out how to put subtle fx on the stereo out bus. There must be a way to do this?? Or atleast route everything to a stereo mix track and route that to stereo out? I keep loosing my panned guitars :frowning: very important.

Thanks for any help in advance. I’m very dedicated to devoting to cubase, if I can’t figure this out I can not go further. Please help.

So welcome!

You can of course use the inserts and sends from the tracks (you call them ‘raw tracks’ but they are just… tracks :wink: ) without sending them to a group first.

Groups are handy if you have several tracks you may like to process with the same plugins (+ sends). There’s much more you can do with a well thought out set of group tracks but for the beginning don’t make it too complex for yourself.

If you lose panning when sending tracks to a group the group is probably mono.