Routing question

If I were to route a vst out of Cubase and out of my computer and into e.g. a pedal and then send it back into Cubase while still being able to listen to my project, how could I do that? Or I mean, can that be done somehow and what hardware would I need? My soundcard is an EMU 0404 soon to be a Babyface

Obviously you need one independant output and input per signal, in addition to your monitoring outputs- / standard recording inputs

yeah I figured that much, the problem is how I get that? My soundcard has two outputs for monitors and one for headphones but inside Cubase I can’t specify that track X must be sent to the monitor outputs and then I’ll use the headphones output for monitoring. As I see it you need a soundcard that comes with software where you can control these things

So if anyone know what soundcards are able to do that it would be cool

usually they need to be discrete hardware divided outputs

There are plenty. The Babyface being one of them.

I would go as far as to say that most “multi”-in/out devices can help you with this. An 4+ in/4+ out audio interface would probably do it for you. There are so many good ones to choose from anymore, inexpensive or super expensive. :slight_smile: