Routing sidechain question

Hey guys. I’m using Cubase since Cubase SX 2, and now i’m at Cubase 7.
My question is about routing sidechain signal. I like to use built-in channel compressor sidechain, finally i shouldn’t add a new compressor to insert of each channel. But my question is: is the only way to send a sidechain signal by using sends of the kick channel for example ? Or there is other way to do that ? For example: if i need 64 channels to be sidechained, should i use 8 lanes with the same kick drum and 8 sends at each kick drum channel ? Or there is other way to send sidechaine signal just from 1 kick lane to all 64 channels (without using group channel of course) ? I like the way it’s realized in Logic: you just chose the input source in each compressor and it may be just 1 kick drum lane for any number of compressors.

Thanks in advance !

have to use the sends , no real way around it;

alternatively, you could use sidechain groups and send the sidechain signal to group channel that the instruments are routed through. this could possible reduce the mount of routing needed

hope this makes sense.