Routing Stereo Bus onto 2 Mono Tracks

Hi everbody,

I am trying to find a solution to rout a stereo bus signal onto 2 mono audio tracks.

The reason for that is as follows:
We want to connect with other Studios with Source Connect.
For that we would need a Stereo Signal, where on the left channel audio signal is sent and on the right channel LTC.
When I use the Source Connect plugin, I know have a Stereo Group Channel where I want to send the left Channel onto an audio trach to listen to it. And I want to send the right channel with LTC to Nuendo to read it and not listen to it.

I haven’t found any solution yet. Coming from Pro Tools, I still have the AVID bus routing in my head…

Could anybody help me out here?

kind regards


Create 2 mono tracks and route the signal (using sends) from your stereo buss to those mono tracks.

Or use the Direct routing function to route your tracks/groups to those mono busses.


Hi Fredo,

thanks for your idea.
But as I need the Stereo Version of the Source Connect plugin, I can’t create two Mono Tracks for this use.
And of course, panning the Signal from the Stereo Track where Source Connect is used, just pans the whole Stereo Signal.

Any other ideas?